IT Manager

My history in computers goes back to middle school, then to sales, moving to the field, and eventually leading technical teams to success in various industries.

  • 1991 – Field Computer Technician
  • 1992 – Information Technology Manager for a custom furniture manufacturer
  • 1993 – Started consulting for multiple companies needing occasional technical services
  • 1997 – Information Technology Director for a commercial real estate brokerage
  • 1998 – Service Desk Lead (including Network level support) for a Fortune 500 Company
  • 2004 – Change Management Coordinator for a major mortgage company
  • 2005 – Information Technology Manager for an aerospace subcontractor (pre-buyout)
  • 2011 – Information Technology Manager for an aerospace subcontractor (post-buyout)
  • 2017 – IT Controls Analyst for one of the largest mortgage companies
  • 2018 – Change Advisory Board Manager (Change Management) for the same company

Please contact me if you’d like a detailed copy of my resume.


Radio Show Host

No, not some small podcast, nor a small hobby… this is serious stuff!  Broadcasting on multiple radio stations, in multiple markets across the United States, Benjamin Rockwell has managed to bring education and entertainment to a number of people.

Each week, Benjamin provides the following to stations.

  • Computer Talk Radio (Commercial Broadcast) – Two hour broadcast, 40 minutes of content each hour
  • Computer Talk Radio (Public Radio Broadcast) – One hour broadcast, with 51, 54, 59, or 60 minutes of content (with multiple options for adjustment)
  • The entire show is available via podcast as well…  at Computer Talk Radio

Please feel free to contact Benjamin if you are interested in learning more about his Radio Show.

Computer Consultant

My history in computers goes back over 20 years, starting in sales, moving to the field, and eventually leading technical teams to success in various industries.  My history as a consultant spans that entire time, and ranges from building over 150 “white box” computers, delivering over 500 desktops and 50 servers over the years to small companies throughout the Orange County and Los Angeles areas.

I still consult on occasion, however, I’ve become more selective in my consultancy.  Still, if you’d like more information, please contact me and we can discuss your needs.

Please visit for more information regarding my consultancy.

Church Sound

At 13 years of age, I started mixing sound at church.  It was a mega-church by the standards of the day, with 1200-1300 in attendance at each service.  I’ve been an integral part of the sound team at each church I’ve attended since.

My approach is not that you need X, Y, or Z (but I might make a purchase suggestion here or there).  Instead, my approach is working with the gifts that God has provided, with people, and equipment, to ensure a beautiful sound, a joyful noise.

For more information, please contact me.


Benjamin Rockwell may be contacted a number of ways…

Phone:  949-933-5404

Toll Free:  888-637-3888  (888-nerd-888)

Email:  benjamin at… well, spammers would want to know…  but check the website name…  yep, benjamin at…

Mailing Address:  9852 West Katella, #131, Anaheim, CA 92804